Bullet Pest Control


• Q. Will the treatment be worse than the pest?

• A. We use only least toxic methods.  Least toxic controls on the exterior include web removal and sealing holes and gaps. On the interior vacuuming around wall perimeters, crack and crevice precision treatments and wall void dust applications inside outlet and switch plates and plumbing penetrations.

• Q. Will the technician be knowledgeable?

• A. Our technicians are licensed, and complete annual ongoing classroom and field training.

  • • Q. How toxic are the products that will be used?
  • • A. Most of the products we use have a lower toxicity than most of your household cleaners.
  • • Q. Will I have to leave for half a day?
  • • A. Treatments for most household pests do not require you to leave your home.
  • • Q. What about my children and pets?
  • • A. We use precision application methods indoors but recommend that children and pets not be in the immediate vicinity of treatment. Outdoors children and pets should stay away from treated areas until they are dry. There is usually no need to leave the house for hours during or after treatment.

The first step to effective pest management is defining the factors which limit the reproduction and survival potential of each pest. For instance, removing the food, water and shelter of pests have a very significant impact on controlling pest populations by itself. Coupled with other cultural and environmental controls the appropriate chemical measures are made.

That's where the knowledge, training, and years of experience help identify and administer the appropriate actions to maximize your pest control service.

Borite Termite & Pest Treatments is a recognized leader in least toxic methods.

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