Bullet Commonly asked questions:

Living in Southern California, getting termites in your home is almost as certain as sunshine, potholes and traffic jams. If you're building a new home, why not protect all the wood with Board Defense? Once the application is complete, your home will be protected from termites, powder-post beetles, fungus decay and any other wood destroying pest or organism and we can offer additional protection from fire.

  • Q. Does wood treated with boron require any special handling?
  • A. No. Once applied and dry, it can be handled with bare hands, sawed, nailed, stained or painted.
  • Q. Is it safe?
  • A. The toxicity is slightly above table salt and about two and one half times less than aspirin.
  • Q. How do I know all the wood has been treated?
  • A. We apply a dye to the mixture to confirm that all unfinished wood has been treated.
  • Q. Will it hold up the construction process?
  • A. No, typically an entire house can be treated in one day or less. Contractors can continue work within hours after it is applied.
  • Q. What if all the wood is not installed when you treat?
  • A. If the wood is on site we can treat it before it is installed. If more wood is brought in later, we can make a second trip for a nominal fee.
  • Q. How is it applied?
  • A. We apply the product with a low-pressure spray system to all unfinished accessible wood members.
  • Q. Will it harm wiring or plumbing?
  • A. No.

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