Bullet Mites


Mites are arachnid pests, as are ticks and spiders. There are many different species of mites, many of which are microscopic and are right now all over your body in the hair follicles. The house dust mite rides around the house on particles of airborne dust, they are often responsible for a dust allergy. All the mites are similar in appearance; an oval body with eight legs. The clover mite is noted for its front pair of legs that are so long they resemble the antenna of insects. They infest grasses and lawns, sometimes move into a structure, but present no hazard. The straw itch mite and cheese mite are pests of stored food. The six-legged harvest mite larvae, known as the chigger, attacks man and causes skin irritation. Bird and rat mites infest the nests of those animals. If the hosts are killed or removed the mites will go looking for other hosts. Humans will suffice for a while. The human itch mite can cause a severe skin disorder called scabies. To control mites, locate the source and remove it. Treatment around the perimeter of interior walls and /or the exterior walls may be required for control in some situations. Often young children and elderly are the most prone to mite bites and the most sensitive