Bullet Crawling & Flying Pests

Initial minimum service crawling and flying insects.

1. Vacuum all room perimeters and ceiling corners in accessible areas.
2. Treat all room exterior wall perimeters by crack and crevice application.
3. Apply boron dust to outlets and switch plate cavities.
4. Apply boron dust under the corners of carpeted rooms.
5. Apply boron dust to cavities under kitchen and bath base cabinets.
6. Place monitoring boards “sticky traps” in cabinets and garage

1. All webs will be removed from the structure up to 18 feet.
2. Holes or gaps around exterior plumbing or wiring will be sealed.
3. Needed structural modifications; repairs or harborage area removal will be noted on the service ticket.
4. Treatment application is usually limited to 2½-gallon backpack sprayers.
5. Granule applications (depending on the pest) will be substituted for liquid applications in areas with dense foliage or cellulose mulch. 
6. Fly and/or wasp traps may be installed as necessary.

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